Why didn't I get the host discount even when I hosted 10 sessions?

Our system automatically tallies your hosted sessions around the end of each calendar month. If the count is 10 or more, then the hosting incentive is applied to your next invoice.

For example:

  • You're on a monthly subscription and your billing cycle is on the 20th of each month.

  • In January, you became a host and hosted 20 sessions before January 20th

Your January 20th invoice will still be for $40, as your number of hosted sessions hasn't been tallied yet.

After it is counted at the end of the month, your next invoice will have the hosting incentive applied. Therefore, your February 20th invoice will be for $20.

Note: Please be aware that discounts do not stack. If you are already on a student discount, you no longer get the hosting incentive. We still encourage you to host, however, as you can help keep fellow Flow Clubbers accountable.