How to "favorite" a host

Joined a session and liked how the host ran it? You can add them to your favorites!

Here are a few ways to find them:

  1. From the Host Directory

    You can access the Host Directory from the menu on the upper left. You can browse through a lot of pages of hosts here.

  2. From the Schedule

    If you see a host you like on the schedule, click on that session, and then click on their name under "Hosted by." This will take you to their Host profile, where you can add them as a favorite.

  3. From your Completed Sessions

    Similarly, if you have joined a session and would like to favorite the Host, you can go to your Completed Sessions page and look for the session you joined. Click on their name to be taken to their Host profile, and you can add them as a favorite.

  4. From the Host Blurb

    Once you locate a session run by a host you want to favorite, a quicker way to go to their Host profile is to hover your mouse on their portrait. This will display a blurb about the host, and a "See more" button link will take you directly to the host's profile.

Once a host is favorited, you can find your favorite host list from your Settings page under "Clubs and Hosts." From here, you can choose to receive Calendar invites from them, as well as easily find their Host profile to check when they'll be hosting next!