What is the Flow Score?

After every Flow Club session, you have an opportunity to give yourself a Flow Score rating from 1-10, with 10 being “totally immersed in flow.” The purpose is to help you reflect and ultimately better understand how you can experience flow more regularly.

Flow is a subjective experience that feels like effortless effort. To help you reflect more accurately, here are some questions you can ask yourself when rating your experience:

Challenge-Skill Balance: My skills allowed me to meet the challenge
Clear Goals: I knew what I wanted to do
Unambiguous Feedback: I knew how well I was doing
Autotelic Experience: I loved the feeling of what I was doing, and want to feel it again
Time Distortion: Time appeared to speed up or slow down
Total Concentration: I had no difficulty focusing
Sense of Control: I felt in control
Loss of Self-Consciousness: I was not worried about others or critical of myself
Action-Awareness Merging: I moved seamlessly from thinking to acting