I hear the music but my participants don’t?

The most common reason for this is because you have both your desktop app of your music player opened as well as the browser tab (web app), and the music is being played from one, but not the other while they sound the same to you! Flow Club can only share your music, if it is being played through the browser tab.

For example, if you have a Spotify or Apple Music desktop app open, please check to make sure the music is not playing from the desktop app. The easiest way would be to quit out of the desktop app and only use the web player via the browser.

How would you know if the music is playing from the browser tab or the desktop app? Check for one of these status indicators.

If the music is playing from the browser tab, you should see a speaker icon.

If the music is from the browser tab, your desktop app would say “Listening on Web Player”