How do I carry tasks from one session to the next?

In Flow Club, you can:

  • Carry over previously unfinished tasks to the next session

  • Carry over a list of tasks you plan to repeat for the next session

Carrying over previously unfinished goals

If you have unfinished or unchecked goals/tasks in your previous session, a clock icon will appear when you are preparing to enter the session. This allows you to copy over leftover tasks to this new session.

Important: This icon does not appear in-session. Make sure to make use of this feature before entering the session.

In this example, we have finished 2/4 tasks upon session end.

In the new session we booked, this icon appears.

After clicking on the icon, it appends your previous tasks to the existing one.

Carrying over repeating goals

If you have a task list that you plan to reuse for future sessions, you can click the "Copy" icon

And paste it on notepad or similar. It should look something like this:

- [ ] Do the easy thing first

- [ ] Warmup for work

These will be your formatted to-do lists. If you wanted something marked "complete," you can cross it out with an X. The formatting should look like so:

- [ ] Do the easy thing first

- [X] Warmup for work

When you book your next sessions, you can easily copy the above from Notepad, and simply paste (or hit CTRL+V) while you are in any window where you can prepare your tasks (whether it is in a booking confirmation, pre-session, or in-session window).

Note: If there are any existing tasks in the list, doing this will also append your copied list to it.