What are the keys to a successful session?

Things to keep in mind:

  • Acknowledge everyone. Help members feel good about showing up by welcoming them and acknowledging the sacrifices they’ve made to be here. Shout out first-timers and milestones. If you recognize someone because they keep coming back, greet them with familiarity. People should look forward to attending Flow Club because they feel seen, and feeling seen helps reinforce the feeling of supportive accountability.

  • Preview the agenda for new people. Share with new members what to expect to put them at ease and encourage buy-in.

  • Be explicit about the benefits. Explain why you are asking people to declare their tasks (ie focusing conversation primes the mind to get into focus faster) or anything else you are asking them to do (eg share gratitude) so people can recognize and feel the benefits.

  • Lead by example. People look to you to lead them into a structured and productive experience, and the best way to do that is by going first.

  • Eliminate awkward passivity by calling on people. There’s no spatial awareness virtually and it’s much easier to hide behind the “mute” button, which means you need to call on people to let them know they have to speak. Eliminate awkwardness by eliminating times when no one knows who should speak. Always call on people.

  • Inspire with positivity. Members come to Flow Club to “outsource motivation” or just get a little extra dopamine boost from you. Inspire them with positivity and support. Help them get out of their own heads. Reduce their anxiety and insecurity. Celebrate their progress.

  • Stay video-on as much as possible. Of course, sometimes you can’t do it that's okay. Having video-on will enhance everyone's experience in terms of the accountability and body doubling. The more people have their videos on, the safer it'd feels, so as the host, please help by keeping your video on as much as you can.

  • Welcome late-comers in chat. If you start early, or someone shows up late, don’t try to pass that person the mic because everyone else is beginning to snap into work. Simply let them know you'll welcome them in chat, and give them an opportunity to share their goals in the chat!

  • Judgment-free zone. There's no right or wrong way to do this thing we call life. Everyone's version of life looks quite different. Showing up to Flow Club to be intentional about it is already a win, so be positive and make Flow Club a safe, judgment-free zone.

  • Be inclusive. Flow Club sessions are small experiences, so it’s very easy to have friends and coworkers alongside strangers, and it’d be tempting to make inside jokes or be extra delighted to see familiar faces. Beware that the more obvious this is, the more excluded the strangers will feel. Instead, place the focus on Flow Club and make inside jokes about Flow Club. Real conversations can happen offline.

  • Celebrate wins. Unlike a workout class, there are no endorphins, so in addition to helping people achieve flow state, help make people feel proud and happy as they exit the session. Teach new people the "confetti" Easter Egg feature (double-click anywhere during the final segment).