When should I create my sessions?

It’s up to you! You can create sessions weeks in advance, or a few minutes before it starts. You can create sessions at every 15-minute increment on the clock.

Why you may want to schedule sessions in advance:

  • Gives the community time to see your sessions and help you get more attendees.

  • Helps you make sure you are setting aside time to get in the flow, regardless of what the day may throw at you.

  • Hosting sessions at the same times helps everyone, including yourself, build habits, familiarity, and deeper relationships for the members who regularly come to your sessions.

You may be wondering, what if something comes up and I can't make it anymore? Don't worry. You can always cancel and let someone else take over the session.

One more thing, when you see "claim session" on the session creation screen, that means another host has vacated that spot and there are attendees already planning on attending. You can take over, get credit for those sessions, and you’ll be doing a solid for the community!