What do I do if I need to cancel my session?

If you can no longer host a Flow Club session at the time you committed to, cancel your session via the Flow Club platform and it will become available for another host to pick up

(note: declining the calendar event will not remove you as the host, you must explicitly cancel from the website).

There are three places you can cancel the session from:

  1. The session details page:

  2. Or from "my sessions" (you can also do this from the schedule page):

  3. On the schedule itself, scrolling down to the time your session was supposed to start

Once the session becomes "host-less,” any other host will be able to pick it up from the schedule, the session details page, or when they join the session.

  • All hosts already signed up for the session will receive an email asking if they would like to step in as host.

  • Hosts can still join a host-less session and choose not to host