Can I turn off video/audio of a participant as a host?

In rare instances, accidents happen and the camera is on when it should have been off. In even rarer instances, someone is intentionally trying to stir things up. As a community-powered platform, we must maintain and protect the safety of the community.

As a host, you can play your part by first turning off an attendee's video and/or muting them. Please do so only if absolutely necessary.

To do this, go to the Attendees tab, and find these icons next to the specific attendee:

You can find the same controls by mousing over their video.

This does not prevent the attendee from turning on their cameras and mics back on, but it would be the first line of defense and is often enough for an accident. We are continuously adding more safety features.

If any inappropriate behavior continues, please let everyone know that they can exit the room and immediately report it to us at so we can begin an investigation right away.