Sample questions and scripts

Some useful priming questions you can ask in the beginning of the session

  • What are you looking to get done?

  • What is your intention for the session?

  • How would you like to feel at the end of the session?

  • What will getting that done do for you?

  • What is one blocker you anticipate?

  • What distractions, if any, are you currently experiencing that might be hindering your progress?

  • What is one thing you can do to stay on track?

  • What is one thing you can do to make the most of the time?

  • Which task is the most important, can you start there?

  • What is the smallest first step you can take to get going?

  • Take a look at your list, which one would be more actionable if broken down further?

  • How can you reward yourself after a successful session?

  • On a scale of 1-10, how’s your energy level right now?

  • (If they’re doing multiple things)

    • What are you going to work on first?

    • How long will each of those things take?

    • Is there anything on your list you've been avoiding? What will feel the best to get done?

Here’s a sample script to get you started:

This is an example of the most basic script. If you just do this, you’ll create a great experience, but feel free to add your own flair when you feel more comfortable.


  • “Welcome to Flow Club! I’m excited to get to co-work with you all.”

Start the ritual

  • If there are first-timers: “The way flow club works is we will share what we’re gonna work on, then mute our mics, try to keep the video on, and go work on it. Then we’ll come back and share how it went. This ritual helps prime our brain to get into flow more quickly when we get started.”

  • “Let’s think about what we’re going to work on and share with each other. I’ll go first”

  • “In this session, I’ll be working on _____”

  • “Hey ___, what are you going to be working on today?”

Introduce the music, explicitly grant permission to turn it off

  • “The music we’ll be listening to for today’s Flow Club is ____.”

  • “Feel free to turn it down or off completely if it doesn’t work for you.”


  • “Ok let’s begin. I hope you have a productive session. See you at the end.”

  • Engage Late-comers in the chat (“Hey, tell us in the chat what you’re working on today”)


  • “Congrats on time well spent!”

  • “Let’s go around so everyone can share and reflect.” (call individual names to avoid awkwardness)

    • Share first: “I made progress on my ______ but I still need to do ______ so I’m going to keep working after the call ends.”

    • “______, did you get to do what you wanted to?”

  • “Thanks everybody for coming, I hope you got a lot done and that you enjoy the rest of your day! See you next time.”