Is there a discount if I’m a host?

Yes! It's simple – host 10 sessions a month, get 50% off your membership next month 💸. If you have a yearly membership, the credits from the months you were eligible will accrue and be applied when you renew. For example, if your next invoice is 12 months from now, and you qualify for discounts 6 of the 12 months until then, you'll get $120 credit added to your account when you renew.

  • Why not completely free?

    • Maintaining a membership fee helps keep the lights on and supports Flow Club’s growth so we can continue to provide this as a service (over 60% of you said you’d be very disappointed if Flow Club disappeared!). And as an accountability product, it helps to have skin in the game.

  • When does the discount kick in?

    • Discounts show up as "credits" and are automatically applied at the end of each calendar month towards the next invoice.

  • If I host more than 10 sessions a month, does the discount carry over to the next month?

    • No, the discount does not carry over and can only be applied within the month it was achieved.

  • I’m eligible for the incentive but still in my trial, does the discount apply to my first membership payment?

    • No, we are unable to apply discounts until a payment method has been added. The discount will be applied to your next invoice.

Note: Please be aware that discounts do not stack. If you are already on a student or any other type of discount, you no longer get the hosting incentive. We still encourage you to host, however, as you can help keep fellow Flow Clubbers accountable.